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BBH Card

Piha Beachstay is a member Budget Backpackers and Hostels New Zealand (BBH NZ).
Purchase a BBH card and receive discounts on 360+ accommodation and travel throughout New Zealand.

Benefits of owning a BBH card:

The normal retail price of a card is $45 and if you order through BBH online is going to cost you an extra $5 for postage - $50!! However buy your card from us on arrival at Piha Beachstay and it will just cost you $45

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“Great stay and a wonderful place to wake up in the morning.” –Alan and Mary, Switzerland
“Fantastic- you've really got it all right!!!” –Vogel family, Bethells Beach
“It was so good for our last week in NZ, bye lucky man!” –Rachel and Jeff, France
“What a find! We spent a really relaxing 2 days in your accommodation. Thanks!!” –Barrie & Jan. QLD Australia
“Lovely place, beautiful environment and natural setting. Definitely be back!! Peace.” –Bridget, Cook Islands
“Great place! So happy to be here, thank you so much.” –Claribel, Argentina
“Unbelievable - I don't want to leave! Thank you.” –Carole, Florida, USA
“I'm here for the second time, it's still awesome!” –Alexander, Germany
“Without words! Wonderful place! Relax in Piha! Paradise! Take it easy!” –Tsi, Germany
“Rite On, Rite On!” –Bex, Remuera